Facebook Video Best Practices

A lot of information came out of the Facebook camp over the past week, and as I am sorting through all of it, I am sharing with all of you. Today I want to dig into something super important – best practices for video on Facebook.

So many of you have questions surrounding video on social media – specifically, Facebook. Facebook has heard you. There are some new updates coming surrounding how Facebook “ranks” videos that are shared on their platform. Today’s post is not about that, but stay tuned, as that information will be coming next!

Facebook released some brand new “best practices” when it comes to utilizing video on their platform, and here is the nutshell information:


Share ORIGINAL content that YOU have recorded, produced, etc.

One of the practices that harm your distribution is when you share content that has been shared throughout Facebook already that you did not create yourself. No, sharing your OWN content will not harm you. Your Page should be your platform — a place to show the world who you are and how you think or create. Content that reflects that authenticity should have strong originality signals on Facebook.


Let me just get right to the point here, no one likes clickbait. Be authentic about what you are offering in your video, and do not pull people into your content by exaggerating or omitting information.

Facebook truly recommends creating content that people will watch from beginning to end. The magic number right now is 3 minutes. Research has shown us that people on Facebook find value in longer videos that have a storyline. We prioritize longer videos (three minutes or more) that inspire people to continue watching.


If people are returning to your page or searching for your content on Facebook, they see that as important when it comes to video content. Facebook urges their users to offer bonus or behind-the-scenes content in between longer form content. Keep people wanting more, and keep them coming back!

Do not forget to OPTIMIZE your content so that it is easy to find via search.


Create content that is ORGANICALLY shared, and ORGANICALLY has engagement. Do not beg for shares and do not force engagement. Facebook will “reward” content that has meaningful engagement between viewers of your content. Be authentically shared. Shares remain one of Facebook’s most powerful tools for organic distribution.

Show up. Engage with those who are engaging with you.

The bottom line for all of these practices is that if you are authentic, honest, and put out good content, your videos have the potential to thrive!

How are YOU stacking up with these best practices for video on Facebook? Fold these in and you will be good to go!

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